3. Extended-Mind Catalogue


Where do thoughts arise? Are they a sole product of the brain? Or do they also develop in connection with body, time and space? This catalogue is a comprehensive documentation of ARTE LUCE’s Extended Mind exhibition, which featured immersive and site-specific light installations inspired by the eponymous philosophical theory. The book continues the discourse about light in fine arts with detailed photography, analytic texts and essays. Featured artists are Regine Schumann, Yvonne Goulbier, Protey Temen, Shuster + Moseley, Jakob Oredsson, mayer+ empl, Clifton Mahangoe, Thorbjørn Lausten, Carlo Bernardini and Dori Deng. Essay by Helena Horn. Curated and edited by Alice Hinrichs „extended-mind“ Light Art Weekend at Alte Münze Berlin, 2018 40 Pages, 210 x 297mm, German & English, Edition of 400, each copy is individually finished and numbered, Present Books 2019


Alice Hinrichs

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