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4. Extended-Mind exhibition


Berlin - As inaugural exhibition of L.U.C.E. (formerly called ARTE LUCE), I organised a group exhibition inspired by the Extended-Mind Theory, a philosophical concept conceived by Chalmers and Clark in 1998. The theory argues that cognitive processes and actions are not limited to the confines of the human brain, but that the external environment plays an active role in driving cognition. The mind, the body and the environment can be seen as a whole cognitive system, as such the mind is extended into the world. The intergenerational and international exhibition was held over the course of a weekend in the iconic Alte Münze basement in Berlin’s Mitte district. The exhibition showcased twelve artists from eight countries: Thorbjørn Lausten, Regine Schumann, Protey Temen, Yvonne Goulbier, Jakob Oredsson, Dori Deng, Shuster & Moseley, Clifton Mahangoe, Carlo Bernardini, mayer+empl. My curatorial focus was on immersive, „thought-provoking“ and site-specific installations, in which visitors became active participants rather than passive onlookers and in which cognitive processes were stimulated, referencing the Extended Mind theory. Curation & project director: Alice Hinrichs Communication and Partnerships: Camille Franke Campaign and graphic design: Victoria Alexiev and Diana Masterova Production lead: Flinder Zuyderhoff-Gray Lighting designer: Holly Dunstall Installation: Holger Hübsch, Victor Amé Navarro, Luke Dobron, Marten Thielemann Volunteers: Adrian Friederich, Adrian Zierath, Anton Hansen, Alexa Käser, Alice Behrendt, Carolina Gonzales, Chalida Asawakanjanakit, David Pettersson, Desiree Mele, Ece Asker, Emilie Aust, Emily Wegner, Jakob Schäfer, Johanna Hacks, Leonora Loudon, Lorenz Nagel, Lotta Wegner, Luisa Korden, Mareike Krieter, Matthijs Hazen, Monty Gimpel, Nicholas Miller, Patrick Leyendecker, Pauline Wegner, Tom Büchsenmann, Vicki Hinrichs.

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